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Avengers Assemble Iron Man (Avengers)

An important moment

With this deluxe Pop figure, Funko represents Iron Man in his armor, taking off from the ground. We find a base representing gray stone and Iron Man a little above propelled by his armor creating orange flames and smoke. His armor is red and metallic with some gold touches on the knees, arms and helmet. His two fists are clenched, as if ready to attack and you can see that his helmet is already a bit damaged.


A founding member

Iron Man is one of the founding members of the Avengers, Marvel Studios’ cinematic grouping of superheroes inspired by the comic books of the same name. His real name is Tony Stark, and he is a millionaire genius who heads Stark Industries, a company that initially manufactured mainly weapons but decided to refocus on prevention technologies at the same time he decided to create the Iron Man armor. This armor allows him to fly, to have an increased strength and to have many hidden weapons. That’s why SHIELD will be interested in him and propose him to be part of the Avengers. With Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk and Captain America, they will form a team that will have to counter an alien invasion in New York. The group will reunite after each time a particularly significant threat arises. Other members will be added but Tony Stark will often be considered as the leader as well as Captain America.


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