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Awesom-o (South Park)

Awesom-o was created by an eleven year old boy, so of course it’s not a very sophisticated looking robot. It is made of two cardboard boxes, one for the body and one for the head. He glued batteries and all sorts of metal objects, cables and LEDs to give it a more realistic look and made two holes for the arms using plumbing pipes. Finally, the name awesom-o is written in black felt pen on the front of the cardboard used for the body.


A foolproof plan

Awesom-o is in fact Cartman disguised as a robot in one of the episodes of the eighth season of the animated series for adults South Park telling the adventures of a group of eleven-year-old boys in a small American town. Cartman decides to pretend to be a robot in order to befriend Butters and try to get the compromising videotape that Butters has of him. But things get out of hand when Hollywood tries to get their hands on Awesom-o to make him the star of their new blockbuster and the U.S. military thinks he could be a dangerous weapon.


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