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Mr Garrison (South Park)

A fairly young version

For this first figurine of Mr. Garrison, Funko represented a version of the character in his early days. He wears his simple outfit of gray pants and a green jacket, with black shoes. On the face, he has, as almost always, a slightly depressed expression and we find his simple rectangular glasses. We also see very well the few wrinkles on his forehead and his bald head which makes that he has only a little hair on the sides. Finally, he holds in his right hand his assistant puppet, a character wearing a pink jacket, a big red beard and a red and white hat hiding his eyes.


A teacher like no other

Mr. Garrison is the famous teacher of the third grade class at South Park Elementary School in the famous adult cartoon of the same name. Although the series has now run for more than 20 seasons, the four boy heroes of the show, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, are still in the same third grade class. Mr. Garrison is their not-so-politically correct teacher. At the beginning of the series, he seems to be a depressive and doesn’t really seem to like the kids, not hesitating to call them stupid. He also seems to be very homophobic, but it will be revealed a little later that he is in fact homosexual. It is then that his puppet who helps him to do the lessons will become a puppet of a man in SM clothes called Mr. Slave. He will also eventually change his sex and become Mrs. Garrison.


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