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Baby dancing (Dirty Dancing)

A cult scene

Baby is shown here during that cult dance scene at the end of the film when Johnny returns to pick her up for a dance at the end of summer party. She is shown dancing and wearing that famous light pink sleeveless dress with heels. We also find her light brown hair curled and cut to a square.


The most cult of dances

Baby (Frances of her real name) Houseman is the heroine of the romantic comedy on the theme of dance Dirty Dancing. The film is set in the 1960s and the young woman spends the summer at a fancy vacation club with her parents while dreaming of a more exciting life. She is an activist, a feminist and dreams of going to college. One night, she finds herself at a staff-only party where the dance style is much more sensual. She’s not very good at dancing and finds herself having to learn very quickly from the sexy dance instructor Johnny in order to replace one of the staff women, and her friend, who is having an abortion that day. Against all odds, she and Johnny grow closer during their lessons and fall in love as the young woman proves to be much more talented than she looked.


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