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Baby (Dirty Dancing)

In the course of learning

Baby is represented here with the outfit she wears when she comes out of one of her lessons and practices the choreography alone on the stairs and on the small bridge that extends these stairs. She wears a little blue shorts with a pink tank top and small white sneakers. We find well the pretty posture of dance at the level of hands and feet. Finally, at the level of the head, we recognize well her thick curly hair of red chestnut color with a squared hairstyle of the 60s.


A student yet not promising

Frances Baby” Houseman is the heroine of the cult film Dirty Dancing. The film takes place in the early 60’s and the young woman spends the summer in a fancy summer camp in the Catskills with her family. Passionate about geopolitics and rather rebellious, Baby does not really find herself in this frivolous and rather traditional atmosphere. One night, she convinces one of the resort’s employees to take her to one of the staff parties, where the dancing is much more relaxed than on the guests’ side. She befriended several of them and when one of the young women needed to see a doctor for an illegal abortion, Baby offered to lend her the money and replace her for the dance number she was supposed to do with Johnny, the most popular dance instructor. He takes her under his wing and teaches her to dance, the only problem being that she has no natural talent at first. The only problem is that she has no natural talent to begin with. As the lessons progress, a romance is born between them.


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