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Johnny (Dirty Dancing)

An outstanding dancer

Funko has of course represented Johnny with the outfit he wears to give lessons to Baby. Black pants with pointy shoes and a simple black tank top leaving him free to move. He is of course represented in a dance posture with his arms raised. At the level of the head, we find well his brown hair and this haircut very typical of the Sixties, period during which the film takes place.


A dance teacher like no other

Johnny is the famous sexy dance teacher from the cult 80’s movie, Dirty Dancing. Johnny is a bit of a rebel working at a resort for wealthy families in the 60s. He aspires to be a professional dancer but spends his summers there making easy money by giving private lessons to rich women in need of thrills. It is there that he meets Baby, the daughter of one of the center’s clients. His dance partner for a performance won’t be able to make it because she has to have an illegal abortion that night. One of the other boys at the center, who has become friends with Baby, suggests that she be the one to replace her. Johnny accepts the challenge despite the fact that she has no natural talent. Although they come from very different backgrounds, these lessons will be an opportunity for them to get closer and they will end up falling in love, which will obviously not please, neither his parents, nor the bosses of the center.


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