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Figurines Pop Baby et Johnny (Dirty Dancing)

In full training

For this exclusive two-pack, both Baby and Johnny were pictured wearing one of the outfits they wear to rehearse the dance. Johnny is wearing black pants with elegant black shoes, but only a black tank top. At the head, we find his brown hair with a wavy lock falling on the forehead. His hands are raised in a dancing posture. Baby is represented with her pink bodysuit and blue jean shorts with a brown belt and small white sneakers. At the level of the head, we find her very curly hair and cut to the square with a small wick falling down on the forehead. She also has arms and legs in a dance posture.


A cult couple

Baby and Johnny are the two heroes of the cult romantic comedy of the late 80s set in the 60s. Frances Baby” Houseman is on vacation at a fancy summer camp in the Catskills with her family for the entire summer. Very politically and socially involved, Baby is not really keen on the cheesy activities of the establishment until one night, running into one of the boys working at the club with whom she had befriended, she is invited to an unofficial party organized by the employees where a much sexier and more attractive dance is performed for the young woman. There she meets Johnny, a ballroom dance instructor during the day. She makes friends with other members of the team, and when Johnny’s partner has to go for an abortion and can’t perform with Johnny, Johnny offers to take Baby’s place. He teaches her the choreography and, as time goes by, they become friends and then lovers, defying the social conventions of a rich girl and an employee.


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