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Balrog (Street Fighter)

Balrog in his boxer’s outfit

As a former boxer, Balrog is represented here with his fighting outfit. We find these blue shorts and tank top worn with the small boots characteristic of boxers. As in the game, on his belt is marked the word champion. He wears of course big red boxing gloves on his hands which are in an attack posture. Finally at the level of the head, his face is very simple but we find well his brown skin and his so particular haircut.


The boxer who went wrong

Balrog is one of the characters of the video game series street fighter. He appears as the first sub-boss in the second episode of the series. His real name is Mike Bison and he is a former American boxer who was disbarred for life from the boxing federation for killing one of his opponents. Remaining very strong physically and not afraid to live in illegality, he was recruited by Mr. Bison to be his henchman alongside Vega, another character in the game.


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