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Blanka (Street Fighter)

The Street Fighter Hulk

Although he is described as 100% human, Blanka looks not quite human and very wild. As in the game, his skin is green, covered in places with tufts of red hair. He is represented partly crouching and we can also see his long nails like claws. He wears a pair of Bermuda shorts torn on the bottom and his musculature is impressive. On the head, we can still see his green skin, his prominent eyebrows and his very visible fangs. On her head, we find her thick tuft of red hair so characteristic.


The wild boy

From his real name Jimmy, Blanka is a character from the famous fighting video game Street Fighter. He is one of the playable characters. Despite his strange appearance, Blanka is very human. At the age of five, he survived a plane crash in the Brazilian jungle. For years, he survives in the jungle and becomes wild. He is reunited with his mother many years later when she recognizes him in the Street Fighter II: The World Warrior tournament.


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