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Ryu (Street Fighter)

A torn kimono

As in the game, we find his traditional white kimono but torn at the sleeves and at the bottom of the legs. With that, he wears of course a black belt and red protective gloves. On the head, his face is very simple but we can see the particular shape of his eyebrows. He also wears a red headband that matches his gloves and his hair sticks out in little strands on top.


One of the two disciples

Ryu is one of the main characters of the classic fighting video game Street Fighter. Ryu is Japanese and never knew his parents. He was raised by Master Gouken who taught him his martial art, Ansatsuken. He is also friends with Ken Master, one of the other characters in the game and the other disciple of Master Gouken. He has dedicated his life to the search for spiritual perfection, that’s why he doesn’t care about winning as long as he learns something from it.


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