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Dan (Street Fighter)

The man with the pink kimono

As in the game, Dan wears a pink kimono with torn sleeves and legs. Underneath, he wears a blue t-shirt and a matching belt. Like most of the other characters, he wears protective gloves whose details are nicely represented. At the head level, we can see his characteristic eyebrows on his face as well as the little bit of hair on his face and the long ponytail in his back.


The funny one of the series

Dan Hikibi is a character of the famous video game series Street Fighter. He is a Japanese of Chinese origin specialized in martial arts and more particularly in Saikyo, a fictional martial art. He is particularly arrogant and full of himself. He also has a comical side in the game, because of the exaggerated poses he takes before and after the fight. During the series, he befriends Blanka the wild man, whom he is the only one to call by his real name, Jimmy.


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