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Chun Li (Street Fighter)

A mythical outfit

Chun Li is famous for her famous blue dress of Chinese inspiration open at the level of the thighs up to the size to allow her to fight. With that, she wears of course her high white boots and black tights. At the level of the head, her face is very simple but we find all the same the pink make-up around her eyes. But it is especially her hair that is recognizable. As in the game, they are styled in two buns on the sides of the head covered with a white cloth.


The first heroine of the series

Chun Li is one of the most famous characters of the famous fighting video game Street Fighter. She is the first female character to appear in the series. Chun Li is Chinese and is an agent of Interpole. Her goal is to destroy Mr. Bison, the leader of the Shadaloo organization, responsible for the death of her parents. Chui Li fights mainly through martial arts, especially Kung Fu.


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