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Ken (Street Fighter)

The man with the red kimono

As in the game, we find his red kimono without sleeves worn with a black belt. Like his friend Ryu, he wears a pair of brown protective gloves. On the head, Funko represented him for once with his blue eyes and we find the particular shape of his eyebrows. For his hair, we find the yellow color particularly lively and cartoonish as well as these wicks falling on the forehead like Ryu.


The second disciple

Ken is one of the playable characters from the famous fighting video game Street Fighter. Ken is half-Japanese and half-American and was the disciple of master Gouken who taught him his martial art, Ansatsuken, alongside Ryu. He is his friend but also his rival. In the first episodes of the game, he was only playable in duo with Ryu and his moves were exactly the same. Unlike his friend Ryu, he is a clich? of a very confident Californian, a flirt and a show-off.


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