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Cammy (Street Fighter)

A military uniform a little bit particular

As in the game, Cammy wears a little bit particular outfit. We find this green khaki bodysuit and her big black boots of military inspiration but Cammy has on the other hand the bare legs partially covered with camouflage paint. On the head, Funko has chosen for once to represent the true color of the character’s blue eyes and we find her long blond hair styled in two braids protruding in her back. On her head, she wears a military-looking beret with an eagle emblem on the front.


A creation taking its independence

Cammy is one of the playable characters of the street fighter video game series. She is one of the most popular female characters with the famous Chun Li. Cammy was artificially created by the evil M. Bison to get rid of an excess of psycho power”. At first she follows his orders without batting an eyelid, but as time goes by she develops her own personality and rebels against her master. She will take with her Bison’s personal guard, the “dolls” who are also conditioned by psycho power.


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