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Balrog glow in the dark (The Lord Of The Rings)

A superb demon

For this exclusive figure at the 2017 New York comic con, Funko decided to represent the Balrog in a glow in the dark version. Like the previous version, he is in a super sized 15 cm. So we find his traditional demon body with clawed legs, a long tail and a head on which are placed impressive goat horns. He has big black wings and holds in his hand a fire lasso represented with a nice yellow and orange transparent plastic. Finally, as in the movie, his skin is like cracked and we can see through that his body is filled with fire that protrudes above his head between his wings.

The Mighty Demon of the Deep

The Balrog is a demon that Gandalf and the members of the Fellowship of the Ring must encounter in the first film and book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. When Gandalf discovers that his hobbit friend Bilbo has been in possession of Sauron’s ring for years and has now passed it on to his nephew Frodo, he decides to send it to the safety of the elf Elrond in order to convene a council to decide what should be done with it. When it is decided that he must be destroyed in the mountain of destiny, Frodo devotes himself to fulfill this mission and he will be accompanied by three hobbits, two men, an elf, a dwarf and Gandalf the magician. But when their journey brings them to pass by the mines of Moria, they realize that the dwarves have long since disappeared and that there are now many orcs. The crossing is therefore dangerous but the worst is yet to come when they awaken the Balrog, a terrible demon of the deep. Gandalf stays behind to fight him and give the others a chance to escape. Everyone thinks he is dead but this is without counting on the power of the grey wizard who will then become the white wizard.


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