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Bambi art series (Bambi)

an artistic vision

For this figurine art series, Funko has taken the mold of the figurine representing the moment when he tries to move on the frozen lake, but leaving to an artist the care to create a unique pattern for the painting. We find Bambi with his paws going from all sides on the ice sheet as well as his big ears and his small elongated snout. The artist chose to paint him in a pale blue reminding the ice with detailed white snowflakes and white dots reminding the snow as we see it from far.


The most famous fawn

Bambi is the hero of the Disney cartoon of the same name. This cartoon, one of the first feature films of the Disney studios, tells the story of the passage of a young fawn to adulthood. The film begins with the sad scene where his mother is killed by a hunter and he is left all alone. He will make friends with Pan Pan the rabbit and Fleur the skunk who will help him learn to fend for himself. He will discover the seasons and life in the forest and know all the steps that will allow him to reach adulthood and become a big deer.


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