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Barista Deadpool (Deadpool)

A lover of disguises

Deadpool particularly likes to dress up and he never misses an opportunity to do so in the comics, wearing his disguises over his full red and black outfit. So here he is dressed as a barista with a very hipster look. He wears blue jeans with brown sandals and a white apron. With that, he wears a green sweater in large knit. In his hands, he holds a tray with a big cup of coffee. Finally, on the head, we find his big hipster beard with his retro mustache as well as earlobe spreaders and a kind of bun on top of his head.


Still more offbeat

Deadpool is a superhero from the Marvel comic book universe. He first appeared in the X-Men comics, but soon had his own adventures. His real name is Wade Wilson and he is a mercenary who one day agrees to participate in a very shady scientific experiment with the vague hope that it will cure him of his incurable cancer. It works by triggering a genetic mutation in him that makes him virtually invulnerable but permanently disfigures him. He will continue to be a mercenary while sometimes acting like a superhero. Deadpool is particularly popular for his offbeat and not at all politically correct humor and his habit of breaking the famous third wall.


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