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Batgirl (DC Comics Bombshells)

A pinup version steampunk

As we can see in the adapted comics and original figures, we find the principle of the costume of Batgirl but with the sexy side of the pinup and in her case, a little side steampunk. She wears purple tight pants and yellow boots with spool heels. On top, she wears a top discovering her belly in a corset style with the famous shape of bat at the neckline. She also wears a yellow and purple cape and a gadget belt with the famous bat logo. Finally at the level of the head, she wears the famous mask with ears of bat as well as big glasses of aviator in brown leather which give her precisely this side steampunk.


Batgirl in pinup version

Batgirl is a DC Comics heroine who appeared for the first time in a Batman comic. She is initially the companion of Batwoman like Robin who is the sidekick of Batman. This version of Batgirl was soon abandoned and she reappeared in the Batman comics as the daughter of police detective James Gordon and was much more popular. This particular version of the character is from the 2013 comics, inspired by a very popular series of DC heroines figures depicted as pin-up girls from the 1940s. Following the popularity of these figures, covers of collector comics were printed and then they are even written new stories based on these aesthetics.


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