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Batman (Batman Forever)

A darker costume

For this movie version of Batman, he wears a completely black costume much darker and more serious than the one in the comics. He is very tight and shows all his muscles in an exaggerated way. He also wears gloves and boots as well as a belt and a kind of golden brooch with the Batman logo. He also wears a cape and his famous Batman mask. Finally, he holds in his hand one of the riddles of the famous mystery man.


A unique version of Batman

Batman is the hero of the movie Batman Forever, one of the many adaptations of Batman, this one released in 1995 with Val Kilmer in the role of the famous superhero. In this movie, we find many characters known from the comics as well as the good guys as the bad guys. Indeed, Gotham City is at the mercy of Two Face as well as the Mystery Man who has fun leaving riddles at the scene of his crimes. At the same time, Batman meets Dick Grayson, a young circus acrobat whose family was killed when supervillains attacked the circus to get at Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson will discover the true identity of the latter and become the famous Robin.


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