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Batman Guitar Solo (Dark Knight Death Metal)

A heavy metal character

Batman has been depicted here as seen on the cover of the first issue of this comic book series. He still wears his heavy metal aesthetic inspired outfit with a belt of skulls and a long black leather trench coat ending in spikes. He still wears his bat mask and holds in his hands his red guitar and a mediator that creates fire between it and the guitar. This one is red with big chains and of course the yellow and black Batman logo.


An even darker Batman

Batman is the famous hero disguising himself as a bat to fight crime in the DC Comics universe. He can be found in many different versions, including the Dark Knight Heavy Metal comic book series that followed the Dark Knight Metal series. In the latter, Batman and the Justice League had discovered a dark multiverse hidden beneath the known multiverse, accessible by previously encountered strange metals. During his investigation, Batman had unwittingly released seven evil versions of himself from his multiverse controlled by the dark god Barbatos. Dark Knight directly follows the fight with the Batman who laughs, who released Perpetua from his cosmic prison. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman continue to fight these creatures from the dark multiverse aided by the mysterious Quintessence.


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