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Batman Pride (Batman)

In defense of all

Funko represented Batman here for Pride Month for the It Gets Better Project. Batman is here made of a translucent plastic in the colors of the rainbow, from blue to orange through green and yellow from left to right. We can however recognize his classic tight costume with his boots, his underwear, his gloves, his boots, his long cape and the bat mask on his face. Only his eyes and the Batman logo stand out in black.


The most famous hero

Batman is one of the most famous and popular heroes of the DC Comics universe, his story having been told many times in many different versions, first in comics, then in cartoons, series, movies or video games. His real name is Bruce Wayne, he is a billionaire genius who inherited his parents’ fortune, murdered before his eyes by a man who robbed them in the street. Since then, the young Bruce has been training to perfect his fighting techniques. He also built a secret lair under his mansion where he constructed numerous vehicles and gadgets to fight crime. Both fascinated and terrified by bats, he decides to wear a black suit and a bat mask and goes out at night to fight crime in his hometown of Gotham City.


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