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Batmobile (Batman)

A retro version of the Batmobile

Like Batman, the Batmobile has known many versions but it is in its retro version inspired from the 60’s series that Funko decided to represent the Batmobile. We can see the spindle line with two big fins at the back. There are also some nice details with the red line that runs along the side of the car as well as the Batman logo on the door and the tire rims. As on all Pop Rides, the roof of the car is open to put the Batman figurine sold with it. Batman is also represented with his 60’s series outfit. His costume is gray with a yellow belt and a blue cape. On the head, his mask is blue and black and he has of course his little bat ears.


The most famous comic book car

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of the DC Comics universe. If he started in a comic book, his story was very quickly adapted to the screen in TV series, cartoons, movies or video games. While there are several versions of Batman, some darker than others, his origin story is always the same. Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne. He saw his parents murdered in front of his eyes when he was only a child. As an adult, and with the high crime rate in Gotham City, he decided to use his engineering skills, his great fortune and his fighting abilities to become a masked vigilante. Having always had an affinity for bats, he decided to become Batman. Unlike other superheroes, he has no real powers, but he does have many gadgets. He has in particular a black car called the Batmobile which, according to the versions of the story, has different functions very useful in case of fight.


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