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Bedtime Deadpool (Deadpool)

An adorable figurine

As we can often see in the comic, Deadpool loves to dress up and wear cute and offbeat accessories. Here he wears a grey robe with large plush unicorn-headed slippers and holds his panda-shaped stuffed animal with eyes that strongly resemble his own costume.


A hero who fears nothing

Deadpool has become one of the most popular superheroes of the Marvel universe despite his atypical side. Indeed, first appearing as a mutant that Wolverine tries to recruit in the X-Men comics, Deadpool soon got his own comic. A former CIA member turned mercenary, Wade Wilson became nearly immortal after scientific experiments awakened his mutant gene but also disfigured him. Since then, he has become Deadpool, a masked mercenary but with a tendency to choose the right causes. What also makes him very popular is of course his particular humor and his tendency to break the famous fourth wall.


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