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Belle avec livre (La Belle Et La B?te)

a great reader

For this exclusive figurine, Funko has represented Belle with a green dress that we see her wearing when she is a servant at the castle. This one has a light green skirt with matching long sleeves and a darker green top to match her ballerinas. At the head, her brown hair is braided and tied with a very big green ribbon.


A lover of books

Belle is the heroine of the animated film Beauty and the Beast from the Disney studios, inspired by the French tale of the same name. She is a young girl living in a French village in the 18th century who is passionate about books. One day, her father is taken prisoner in the castle overlooking the village where a terrible beast lives. She offers to take her father’s place and serve the beast in exchange for her father’s freedom. The beast accepts and if it is initially hard for Belle, she realizes that the beast is more refined than it seems and that they share a passion for books.


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