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Belle castle grounds (Beauty And The Beast)

Belle on a walk

For this figure exclusive to FYE stores, Funko decided to represent Belle with the dress she wears when she goes for a walk on the grounds around the castle. It’s a dress in pink tones with a white flowery fabric that shows slightly under her matching pink bodice. Over that, she wears a big cape coat to protect her from the cold which is maintained by a link around the neck. She always wears her brown boots and at the level of the head, we always find her brown hair styled in pretty English and brought back.


Not So Prisoner

Beautiful and The Beast is the film adaptation of the famous Disney cartoon of the same name, itself adapted from an 18th century novel. On the outskirts of a French village, lives a rich and handsome prince who finds himself cursed one day for refusing hospitality to an old woman who turns out to be a witch. He is transformed into a beast and will only be able to return to his normal appearance when he is loved by a woman in that form. One day, a man takes refuge in the castle during a storm and is welcomed by the staff, transformed into living objects. But the beast being in a bad mood, he takes him prisoner. Belle, his daughter, offers to become his servant if he agrees to release her father. But if the beginnings are difficult, they eventually find many common points including reading and while Belle has more and more freedom, she also gets very close to the Beast.


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