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Billy Butcherson (Hocus Pocus)

A nice zombie

For this exclusive figure, Billy is represented with his zombie appearance, as seen in the movie. He wears 17th century clothing, brown pants, boots and a smart jacket worn over a shirt with embroidered sleeves that was white but is now light brown. His partly decayed skin is green and his face skeletal. His brown hair falls over his face and his mouth is sewn with black thread.


A former lover

Billy Butcherson is a former lover of one of the Sanderson sisters in the movie Hocus Pocus. In this movie, there are three witches, the Sanderson sisters, who are burned in 1693 for witchcraft after killing a little girl’s energy. They are brought back to life 300 years later, as they had planned, when Max relights their black candle. Freshly arrived in Salem from Los Angeles, Max is a disillusioned teenager who accompanies his sister on Halloween and doesn’t really believe in magic when his classmate, the pretty Allison, takes him to the sisters’ house, which has been transformed into a museum. Back to life, the sisters chase the three children who took their book. They take refuge in the cemetery, which is a sacred ground in which they cannot walk. But then they wake up Billy. Winifred Sanderson had killed and punished him after he slept with her sister Sarah while he was her lover. He chases the children to try to get the book back but they are helped by the child the sisters had turned into a cat. Later, the children find themselves in the cemetery again and Billy actually decides to help them to get revenge for what the sisters had done to him.


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