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Mary Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)

A colorful look

Mary is the one of the three sisters who looks the most cheerful and colorful. She wears a long black and white striped skirt with an orange blouse and a red corset over it. Being the one in charge of the kitchen, she also wears a purple apron. She also wears a long red cape and holds a bowl of popcorn in her hands. On the head, her hair is half black and purple and it is styled in the shape of a witch’s hat on the top of the head.


An almost nice witch

Mary Sanderson is one of the three witches who come back to life on Halloween night in the famous 90’s fantasy movie, Hocus Pocus. Indeed, Max, his friend Allison and his little sister Dani, freshly arrived in Salem, are out trick-or-treating when they come across the abandoned Sanderson house. Not knowing the legend of the sisters, he lights a black candle for light and brings the sisters back to life. Mary is the kindest of the three sisters, the one who always takes the time to look after the other two and does everything to calm Winnifred’s moods. But her kindness ends there, as she is particularly good at detecting the children’s smells and always has good suggestions for cooking them.


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