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Sarah Sanderson on Broom (Hocus Pocus)

A Witch in Flight

For this new Sarah figure, Funko has depicted her in full flight on her broom. She’s standing on a transparent base to give the impression of flight and is riding on a horse. She has a pretty red, purple and gold dress with long sleeves and a very low cut bustier. She also wears a long purple cape with a hood brought back on her hair of a very light blond which exceed in front. At the level of the face finally, we find her made-up eyes and the small beauty spot above the upper lip.


The Seductress

Sarah Sanderson is one of the three witch sisters from the famous 90’s fantasy film, Hocus Pocus. In 1692 Salem, the three sisters have captured a little girl to suck the life out of her and regain their youth. The older brother tries to help her but is turned into a cat and the three sisters manage to complete their spell. But the villagers stop them and burn them. They then cast a curse saying that they would one day be brought back to life by a young virgin on Halloween. Sarah is the prettiest and youngest of the three Sanderson sisters. She has an enchanting voice that easily draws children to her. She is also a seductress who flirts with every man she meets, including her sister’s ex-lover. She also seems to be the least intelligent of the three sisters, behaving like the clich? dumb blonde but in a witchy version. As the curse states, the three sisters are indeed brought back by a young boy who doesn’t believe in the supernatural in 1992, so he’ll have to make sure they don’t complete the ritual before sunrise.


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