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Black Panther (Captain America Civil War)

A look faithful to that of the comics

From the first images of the film, we can see that the costume of Black Panther is very faithful to the one he wears in the comics. As his name suggests, he wears an all-black suit. We can just see some silver lines on his face, probably in vibranium. He also wears metal bracelets (probably in vibranium) around his wrists and ankles. Of course, Funko didn’t forget his famous necklace of metal teeth around his neck. At the head level, his eyes are represented in white to stand out on his black costume and we can of course see the two small black ears on top of his skull which refer to his superhero name: Black Panther.


A newcomer to the Avengers

Black Panther is a character from the movie Captain America Civil War. This is the first time this character appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but he is already a well-known character to comic book fans. Black Panther, whose real name is T’Challa, is the king of the fictional kingdom of Wakanda, in Central Africa. It’s a very technologically advanced country that used to live cut off from the outside world, but T’Challa decided to change that. It is the only place in the world where there are vibranium mines, the very special metal with which Captain America’s shield is made. We could already see this country in Avengers Age Of Ultron when Ultron decides to make a new body with this metal. Black Panther has senses, a strength and an agility out of standards and he has an intelligence close to that of Tony Stark. He also wears vibranium claws and boots. In this new episode of Captain America and following the events of Avengers 2, the government wants more control over the activity of superheroes and wants to register them in a file. Steve Rogers refuses to sign this agreement and so starts a conflict between the members of the Avengers team. Some, like Scarlett Witch, will follow Captain America, while others will follow Iron Man. We do not know yet the role of Black Panther in the film but it seems that he is on the side of Iron Man.


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