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Black Widow (Avengers Age Of Ultron)

A more faithful figurine to the character

This figurine is the second version of this character after the one made for Captain America The Winter Soldier. However, she is still represented with her famous tight black S.H.I.E.L.D. spy outfit, but in the improved version that we can see in the movie Avengers Age Of Ultron. We find these fluorescent blue elements on the arms, the chest and the knees. We can see the details like her belt, the bracelets she wears on her wrists or her black boots. Black Widow masters many fighting methods, but she is represented here with her sticks, matching her outfit. On the head, her face is very simple but we find the cut and hair color characteristic of her character in the Avengers movies. Finally, in terms of posture, where the previous figure lacked a little grace, this one is very successful and the character adopts an attitude more typical of a superhero.


The mystery of Black Widow unveiled

Black Widow is one of the main characters of the movie Avengers Age Of Ultron from Marvel Studios. This movie is the sequel to the Avengers movie released in 2012, in which the character of Black Widow was also one of the main ones. But this was not her first appearance in the Marvel universe, since we met her for the first time in the movie Iron Man 2, where she pretends to be Tony Stark’s assistant to gather information about him for the director of SHIELD, Nick Fury. Indeed, Black Widow, whose real name is Natasha Romanoff, is a spy working for the famous American government agency: SHIELD, which deals with alien threats and works closely with superheroes. Black Widow was recruited by Hawkeye while working for the KGB at the time. Like him, she is a superhero without powers but with very high spy skills, whether it is for combat, languages or infiltration. She also always has the latest gadgets from SHIELD. In this second installment of Avengers, she and the other Avengers will have to face an artificial intelligence in the form of the robot Ultron, threatening to destroy humanity! This will also be the opportunity to learn more about the past of the Avengers and especially Natasha Romanoff.


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