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Black Widow Victory Shawarma (Avengers)

The Warrior’s Rest

For this exclusive figurine, Black Widow is represented during the post-generic scene of the Avengers movie. The six heroes are gathered to eat shawarma in a partially devastated restaurant in New York. The six figures of this series have the specificity to fit together to represent the whole scene. Black Widow is shown here sitting cross-legged on a chair with one arm resting on the back. Her red hair is cut in a bob and she is still wearing her black SHIELD combat suit.


A warrior

Black Widow is one of the main characters of the Avengers movies of the Marvel universe. We discovered her as a secondary character spying on Tony Stark for SHIELD in the Iron Man movies but she becomes more important in the Avengers movie. She was a Russian spy, manipulated since childhood, who decided to change sides for the United States and SHIELD thanks to Clint Barton. She is a very talented spy, speaking many languages and practicing many martial arts, who also masters perfectly the techniques of interrogation. When Loki lands on Earth with the aim of invading it, Black Widow is sent to recruit Bruce Banner to be part of the Avengers team alongside Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, etc…


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