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Blackheart (Fortnite)

The stage 5

Funko has represented Blackheart at stage 5 of his evolution. You can see that he is now a pirate skeleton with one hand replaced by a hook and a wooden leg. He still wears his black hooded coat, patched all over, and his left eye patch. At the head level, he is now just a skeleton with an unearthly green eye and a white beard slightly tinted with the same color. His chest also seems to be illuminated with the same supernatural green.


A progressive skin

Blackheart is a very popular skin in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. It is a legendary skin that the player can get by completing the first third of season eight of Battle pass. This pirate skin has the particularity of being very scalable. It starts out as a living pirate with a black coat, a black hood and a tattoo on his chest. By successfully completing the Blackheart challenges, the player can obtain up to eight different evolutions of the character, allowing him to obtain a hook and then a wooden leg, and to gradually transform into a pirate skeleton with shiny eyes.


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