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Blue eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh)

A funny looking dragon

As in the manga and the game, and despite its name, this dragon is not white but rather light blue and Funko has represented it with a nice metallic paint. He is standing on his hind legs and his body seems to be made of a kind of medieval plate armor. He has two bat wings on his back and an open mouth with sharp white teeth. Finally, we find his famous blue eyes.


A powerful creature

The Blue Eyes White Dragon was Kisara’s totem animal in the ancient Egyptian era in the Yu-Gi-Oh manga about card masters possessed by ancient Egyptian spirits. Kisara was captured by a man who wanted to steal his powerful dragon spirit and give it to his son Seto. But Seto had become attached to the young woman and did not want this knowing that it would mean her death. So they fought Seto’s father together. The man defeated Kisara but his spirit and the dragon’s spirit possessed the boy and killed his father, freeing him from his evil grip. That’s why today Seto is very attached to this card.


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