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Bonnie (The Craft)

A new look

Bonnie is shown here as seen on the movie poster with her high school uniform. She is wearing a short blue and green plaid skirt with typical black witch boots. With that, she also wears a white t-shirt with a short black vest over it and several necklaces including an Egyptian ankh cross. At the level of the head, we find her brown hair half-long styled backwards with a small barrette on the side.


A traumatized young woman

Bonnie is one of the four young heroines of the famous 90’s cult fantasy film The Craft. She and her two friends from a Los Angeles high school are very interested in the occult and witchcraft, worshipping a dark deity named Manon in hopes of gaining powers. But it doesn’t work until Bonnie notices that the new student, Sarah, can levitate her pencil without any effort. They offer her the chance to join their convent and soon their spells become much more effective. For a while, the young women feel happy and powerful, especially when Bonnie manages to cast a transformation spell to make herself beautiful and the burn scars all over her back disappear almost overnight. But they start trying more and more dangerous things and one day it gets out of hand. Nancy in particular starts to get cold and dangerous. Sarah decides it’s time to stop, but the other girls love their powers too much and a conflict develops between them.


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