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Sarah (The Craft)

A young witch

Sarah is shown here partly in her high school uniform. She is wearing a short green and blue plaid skirt and high gray socks with small black shoes. On top, she is wearing a gray t-shirt with a kind of black sleeveless vest. On her t-shirt, we can see a lot of skulls of different sizes. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her pale skin partly covered with freckles and her dark red hair.


A powerful young woman

Sarah is one of the four heroines of the movie The Craft released in 1996. Freshly arrived in Los Angeles and coming from San Francisco, she lands in a new high school. She quickly befriends three young girls who are considered witches, which is not false since they practice magic and worship a deity named Manon. When one of them sees Sarah levitate her pencil without the slightest effort, they are convinced that she could be the fourth in their convent, making them much more powerful. And indeed, at first it works very well. Sarah gets revenge on the boy who spread rumors about her, Rochelle gets revenge on the racist girl who harassed her, Bonnie gets rid of her scars, and Nancy becomes much more powerful. But when Nancy wants more and more power and becomes obsessed with it and cold, things start to go wrong and the girls turn on Sarah who wants to stop it all before it gets out of hand. She will then have to draw on her own natural magic to get out of it.


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