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Nancy (The Craft)

A real gothic

Nancy is represented here with her typical gothic look in the 90’s fashion. She wears the plaid skirt of her high school uniform with high black boots. On top we find her white sweater that she wears with many necklaces, including a pentagram, crosses and a necklace with spikes. At the head level, we find her black hair cut short as well as the black makeup around her eyes. She also wears a nose piercing and earrings with upside down crosses.


A young woman in search of power

Nancy is one of the main characters of the movie The Craft. With her friends Rochelle and Bonnie, she dabbles in magic and witchcraft, worshipping a deity of Manon, but so far without much result. Nancy is the leader of the gang, the most motivated and the one with the strongest character whose life is not very joyful, living in a caravan with an abusive stepfather. Until the day Sarah arrives, who has come to live in Los Angeles with her father and stepmother. One of the three girls, Bonnie, notices that Sarah can levitate her pencil without any effort. They ask her to join their convent and soon their spells start to work and for a while it is very exciting. Nancy gets a lot of power to defend herself and improve her magic. But she still wants more and one of their ceremonies makes her particularly powerful but also cold and disturbing. Sarah then decides to do a ritual in order to remove her power but the three young women then turn against her under the impulse of Nancy who loses more and more control.


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