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Boromir (The Lord Of The Rings)

A man of Gondor

Funko has represented Boromir with his warrior outfit that he wears throughout the first film. We find his elegant black tunic over a red and gold one with fine embroidery. He holds his sword in one hand, ready to fight, and in the other the horn of Gondor which he uses to call for help when the orcs attack. He also wears the cloak and the leaf of Lorien given by Galadriel when they went to Lothlorien. His clothes are stained with mud on the bottom, which proves that he has already traveled a lot. Finally, on the head, we find his light brown hair and his well-trimmed goatee.

Good intentions

Boromir is one of the members of the community of the ring in the famous trilogy of books and films The Lord Of The Rings. He is the son of the steward of Gondor, the largest of the human kingdoms in Middle-earth. When Elrond summons all his allies for a special council after Frodo brings Sauron’s ring to safety, Boromir is sent for Gondor. When it is decided that the ring should be taken to Mordor to be destroyed where it was created, Frodo volunteers. But he does not know how to fight and needs help. Members of every race and people offer to help. The community is now composed of four hobbits, two humans, an elf, a dwarf and Gandalf the wizard. Boromir tries as best he can to fight but the power of the ring is strong and he will try to take it from Frodo. Frodo escapes and Boromir comes to his senses. However, he will die while trying to protect Merry and Pippin.


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