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Bran fauteuil roulant (Game Of Thrones)

A pure spirit

As seen in season 7, Bran now moves in a kind of wheelchair made by the new maester of Winterfell. He is thus represented sitting in this chair and wearing a long black robe that looks more like a cleric’s habit than a young lord’s. His shoulders and legs are covered with fur to protect him from the cold that reigns in Winterfell. On his head, we find his brown hair cut short and falling in front of his face. Finally, he holds in his hands the dagger that was used to try to assassinate him and that Petyr Baelish gives him as a gift without suspecting that Bran now knows everything about what happened.


Bran became the 3 eyed raven

Bran is one of the youngest sons of the Stark family in the famous Game Of Thrones series. In the first episode of the series, Bran is pushed from the high window of a tower by Jaimie Lannister, brother of the queen, after being caught sleeping with her. He thinks the young boy is dead, but he ends up in a coma. When he wakes up, he has lost the use of his legs and the memory of the last events but he starts to have strange dreams about a three-eyed raven and in his dreams he also starts to see the future or things happening hundreds of places away. For example, he sees the death of his father and sees the invasion of Winterfell by Theon and the Iron Born coming. He manages to flee the castle thanks to Osha, accompanied by Hodor and his brother Rickon. After meeting Jojen and Meera Reed who know about his new and strange gift, he decides to take the path to the wall to find the famous tree eyed raven in the lands beyond the wall. After many adventures, he succeeds and becomes in fact the new three-eyed raven. He is no longer himself, although he still has all his memories, but now has the ability to see everything that has ever happened or will happen in the past, present or future and wherever it may be. It is in this state that he finally returns to Winterfell and reunites with his two sisters after years.


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