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Brite Bomber Metallic (Fortnite)

An even brighter version

For this new exclusive version of Brite Bomber, Funko has represented her in a metallic version, that is to say with a shiny and metallic paint that highlights even more the bright colors. We can see his purple suit as well as his big boots and the image of a unicorn on his chest. On the head, we find her matte skin, her pink hair and the big sunglasses with purple lenses worn on top of her head. Finally, she also holds a stick with a unicorn head in her hands.


A very cheerful skin

The Brite Bomber is one of the many skins that can be obtained in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale in which players must face a hundred other players and be the last survivors on an island filled with zombies. The characters are very simple at first you have to buy or earn customizations as a reward. The bright bomber is a female skin rarely found on the game’s store and is part of a complete and very colorful set on the theme Sunshine and Rainbows.


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