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Bronn (Game Of Thrones)

Bronn the fighter

When we meet him for the first time, Bronn agrees to fight for Tyrion. After that, he will often be the muscle while Tyrion will be the brain. He is therefore always ready to fight and any logic always wears a minimum of armor. He is therefore represented with his brown pants and boots. On top he wears a thick gray tunic and a leather armor with a very recognizable pattern. He also wears a belt that holds the scabbard of his sword and his sword in his right hand. At the level of the head, we can see his half-length hair as well as this so particular implantation. On his face, we find his beard and his mustache and his eyes seem half closed to give him this so specific look which characterizes the character.


Bronn the mercenary

Bronn is a secondary but important character of the already cult series of HBO: Game Of Thrones. This series, adapted from George Martin’s novels A Song Of Ice And Fire, takes place in a medieval fantasy world composed of two main continents: Essos and Westeros. On Westeros, several great families compete for the throne and power. Bronn is a character met by Tyrion Lannister, the queen’s dwarf brother, in the first season. When he will be kidnapped by Catelyn Stark that she unjustly accuses of having tried to kill her son. Thus, when Catelyn decides to make him appear before an improvised court at her sister’s castle, he asks for a trial by combat and asks Bronn to represent him. Bronn is a mercenary but he knows that Tyrion is heir to a very rich family. Bronn accepts and wins the fight, they are then both free. Afterwards, they will become friends and Bronn will remain faithful to him. But when Tyrion needs him again during a trial by combat, Bronn reminds him that he is only a mercenary and that as Tyrion has no money to give him this time, he will not be able to fight for him.


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