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Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)

A young colored woman

Bulma is represented here with one of the outfits she wears when we meet her at the beginning of the series. We can see this famous little pink dress with her name printed on it, worn with little blue sneakers that give her a very 80’s look. At the level of the head, her face is very simple but we find her pink cheeks and her turquoise eyebrows matched with her hair. These are tied in a high ponytail thanks to a ribbon forming a big knot on the top of his head.


In search of the Dragon Balls

Bulma is an important character of the famous mangas and cartoons Dragon Ball Z. She meets Son Goku because she is attracted by the Dragon Ball Z he owns. They decide to go together in search of the other five, Bulma already having one herself. She will later meet Vegeta, one of Goku’s enemies and fall in love with him. After a few years, Vegeta will fall in love with her, which will soften him and he will finally become an ally of Goku. She will have with him a child named Trunks.


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