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Captain America combat (The Falcon And The Winter Soldier)

In the middle of the fight

Sam is represented here with the new Captain America outfit he wears in the last episode of the first season. Like the previous Captain America, we find the colors of the American flag but this time with less blue and more white. Instead of the brown leather boots and gloves, he wears them in silver to go with the armor that allows him to fly. For this reason, he always wears his red goggles. Finally, he has one fist clenched and holds his shield in the other, dodging bullets.


Sam Wilson becomes Captain America

Sam Wilson is one of the two heroes of the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He was a former military man whom Steve Rogers met in the second Captain America movie and became good friends with and eventually joined the Avengers, using his armor equipped with mechanical wings to fly as easily as Iron Man. When Steve Rogers decided to stay in the past, he gave the Captain America shield to Sam. But, at the beginning of the series, he decides to give it back to the government, not feeling the legitimacy to become Captain America. He continues to work for the government and finds himself teamed up with Bucky Barnes to investigate the Flagsmashers and how they got the super-soldier serum. In the end, when John Walker, the man to whom the government had entrusted the shield, does not prove up to the task, it is finally Sam who takes over the shield and finally becomes Captain America.


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