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Captain America (Avengers Age Of Ultron)

A new facet of Captain America

Like Thor, Captain America’s costume remains almost always the same. Inspired by the American flag, we find blue, white, red, stripes and stars. However, it always evolves a little from one movie to another. In the first Captain America”, it was a retro version. In Avengers, it was a more modern version. In Captain America The Winter Soldier, it was an almost monochrome and darker version, closer to the Shield uniform. In Avengers Age Of Ultron, we come back to a version close to Avengers but with less bright colors, more vintage. We find this costume mainly blue with a red and white “belt” and a white star on the chest. The details of his belt and the armor on his wrists are rather finely represented. As always, he holds his shield in the colors of the American flag (but this time with his left hand). On the face, he is once again represented with his blue helmet/masque with a big “A” on the forehead. If he originally meant America, we can also imagine that he now means Avengers.


The Avengers at the helm

Captain America is one of the main characters of the movie Avengers Age Of Ultron from Marvel Studios. Captain America had already appeared four times in the Marvel cinematic universe. First in Captain America, then in Avengers and Captain America The Winter Soldier. He also appeared as a wink in Thor The Dark World. Steve Rogers is a young man who joins the army during World War II. While his frail physique does not allow him to go into battle, he is recruited for a special program. He is injected with a mysterious formula that will increase his physical strength, speed and resistance. During a fight against Hydra, a secret society within the Nazi regime, his plane falls to the bottom of the ocean and he is left for dead. 70 years later, he is found in a block of ice, still alive. He then joins SHIELD and the Avengers. After the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America The Winter Soldier, the Avengers become an independent group and will have to save the world from the threat of the artificial intelligence Ultron, created by scientist Tony Stark and physicist Bruce Banner.


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