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Captain Marvel Endgame (Avengers Endgame)

A look close to the comic

Funko has represented Captain Marvel here with the brand new look she has at the end of the movie. She is wearing her famous red and blue skintight jumpsuit with a fabric belt around her waist and a gold star on her chest. She also wears big blue boots to match. At the level of the head, her blond hair was cut short with a big lock falling on the front of the face. Finally, we can see that she is using her power with the kind of blue and orange flames that it creates on her arms and legs.


The return of the heroine

Avengers Infinity War had seen Thanos finally succeed in gathering the Infinity Stones and thus make half of the galaxy disappear with the snap of a finger. Reduced to half their size, they too despaired until Captain Marvel, who has been patrolling the galaxy for the past twenty-five years, came to Earth to help them. With his incredible power, they think they can find Thanos, who has retreated to his home planet to take back the stones and reverse what he has done. But Thanos has destroyed them and all hope seems lost. Five years later, life is struggling to get back on track and the remaining Avengers share the galaxy in an attempt to help bring peace. Then Ant-Man arrives, lost on the quantum level for five years and the Avengers still on Earth have an idea to try one last time to defeat Thanos. They will go back in the past. At the end of the movie, just as the Avengers have managed to undo Thanos’ action and bring back the missing Avengers, Thanos from the past attacks them and Captain Marvel is back to defeat Thanos in the final battle.


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