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Cartman Faith +1 (South Park)

A new look

Cartman is represented here as we see him in this episode with a Christian rock singer look. He wears black pants with a purple t-shirt and a big cross hanging around his neck. He is also wearing a red jacket and a big gold belt buckle. He stands with his arms raised and a microphone in his left hand. At the head, his brown hair is combed to the side and he has a wide smile on his face.


A short-lived career

Cartman is one of the main characters of the series South Park, the famous animated series for adults with trashy humor following the adventures of four third-graders from the school in South Park, a small town in Colorado. Cartman is a little boy who represents everything that is wrong with America. He is homophobic, racist and misogynistic and as the only son of a single mother, he is also a temperamental little boy. So when he breaks up with his friends Stan, Kyle and Kenny’s band, he bets Kyle ten dollars that he can go platinum and make $10 million before he does. To do this, he decides to start a Christian rock band, explaining that it’s very easy to write lyrics for this kind of band because you just have to take religious texts and replace Jesus with baby. He will manage to win 10 million but will deny Jesus in front of all his fans when he will learn that he didn’t win a platinum record but a myrrh record.


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