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Catwoman (Batman Returns)

Catwoman is represented here with her memorable costume from the movie Batman Returns. This one is made of very tight black vinyl with a bustier and heeled boots and is stitched in many places with white thread as if to symbolize her rebirth. She also holds her famous lasso in her right hand and at the level of the face, she wears a cat mask, always in black vinyl with white seams and small triangular cat ears.


The most famous catwoman

Catwoman is one of the most famous heroines of the DC universe and Batman in particular where she is sometimes a good guy and sometimes a bad guy. In the movie Batman Returns, we meet her as Selina Kyle, the discreet secretary of the businessman Shreck who tries to kill her when she discovers by chance his plan to steal the electricity of Gotham City. He pushes her out the window and she dies but is strangely brought back to life by a bunch of stray cats who lick and bite her fingers. The shock causes her to have a psychotic break and she becomes Catwoman. Beyond the fact that she is still alive, it also seems that she has inherited the famous nine lives of cats and seems impossible to kill. A memorable costume


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