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Cheer Bear (Les Bisounours)

A pink teddy bear

Cheer bear is a teddy bear with pink fur and a big round belly. On the palm of her front paws, there are two small red ones and on her white belly is represented a rainbow which represents well her power and her joyful side. On her head, she is also all pink with small round ears, except her muzzle which is white with a small nose in the shape of a pink heart and of course a big smile on her lips.


The happiest of the bears

Cheer bear is one of the bears drawn in the early 80’s by the artist Claire Russel for a series of greeting cards. These were later adapted into plush toys and due to their international success, they were soon adapted into movies and TV series. Cheer Bear is an enthusiastic young bear whose goal in life is to try to make everyone else as happy as she is, even if they don’t always want to. She also has the ability to create solid rainbows that she can use as she pleases.


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