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Funshine Bear (Les Bisounours)

Like Cheer bear, Funshine bear is depicted with open arms ready to give a hug to anyone. His little round belly is white and decorated with a drawing of a smiling sun. The rest of his fur is yellow and his palms are decorated with two small hearts. At the level of the head, its small muzzle is white with a slightly orange nose and a small smile. Like the other Care Bears, he has a little puff of hair on the top of his head and round ears.


A cuddly teddy bear

A Care Bear is one of the ten original Care Bears created in the early 1980s for a series of greeting cards. They were so popular that they were quickly developed into plush toys, which were adapted into several movies and cartoons. With his sun-shaped badge on his belly, Funshine bear is the happiest of the Care Bears. He always sees the bright side of things and is always ready to help others do the same. He is also always tempted to play pranks and even if it is done to amuse others, it sometimes gets him into trouble. In the cartoon, his sun-shaped badge allows him to create a ray of light to brighten up the darkness.


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