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Good Luck Bear (Les Bisounours)

A bear with an Irish look

Like all Care Bears, Good Luck Bear has a big round belly with four chubby fingers that give him a soft look. His head is also very round with two small round ears and a white muzzle with a heart-shaped nose. His face is of course smiling and one of his hands holds his thumb up in a positive sign. His whole body is green except for his belly which is white and on which is drawn a four-leaf clover which is reminiscent of the Irish emblem.


Good Luck Bear

Good Luck Bear is one of the many bears that are part of the famous Care Bears. These colorful bears were first created in the 80’s for greeting cards before being developed a few years later into plush toys, which made them popular all over the world. Each bear is a different color and has a sign on its belly that represents its character and is supposed to help children overcome their fear. Later, following the success of the stuffed animals, a cartoon was developed where the bears live in clouds and rainbows and must fight evil with the powers of the symbols on their bellies. Good Luck Bear is the lucky bear with a four-leaf clover on his belly and was supposed to be given to children to bring them good luck


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