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Cheshire Cat black light (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

A psychedelic cat

Funko has depicted the Cheshire Cat in colors made to be seen in a black light for this special figurine. He is shown balancing on his tail and holding his back legs with his front legs. We find his pink and purple stripes with a touch of blue in the middle of the purple stripes. On his head, we find his big smile with yellow teeth as well as his small triangular ears and the puff of hair on the top of his head and on his cheeks.


The strangest cat

The Cheshire cat is one of the characters Alice meets in the famous Disney cartoon based on the 19th century novel by the Englishman Lewis Carroll. When young Alice falls down the rabbit hole of the white rabbit, she finds herself in this strange world without any head or tail and desperately tries to find her way home. In the forest, she comes across the Cheshire cat. It is a strange tabby cat that sits atop a tree and can disappear and reappear at will, leaving only a part of its body visible. When Alice asks him for directions, he’s not very helpful, explaining that any path can take her anywhere she wants. And when she retorts that he seems crazy, he tells her that everyone here is crazy anyway.


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